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Little sensation Galaxy S III mini to be unveiled on 11th October

After the super success of Galaxy S III, Samsung is on the verge of launching GS III mini and the tagline says “something small will be really big”.

The latest tech report confirms Samsung has set October 11 as the date for unveiling the miniature version of Galaxy S III smartphone in a full press event to be held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini specs
However, Samsung still has not revealed the version of Android being used as operating system for GS III mini; other specifics like 4-inch Super AMOLED WVGA display, 5 megapixel lens and dual-core processor are en-grafted in its mini version.

Samsung seems to have hastened its market strategies as Galaxy’s S III miniature announcement comes only weeks after the company announced the introduction of Galaxy Note II in the near future.

“Small is now a big hit” says Samsung
The South Korea based electronics giant have already sent invitation to media for its unveiling ceremony scheduled on 11th of this October.

Samsung’s German wing has reportedly given hints of the GS III mini version with explicit taglines like “something small will be really big”, “small is now a big hit” and “get ready for a little sensation”.

Samsung has been clearly dominating the U.S. smartphone industry with its consecutive success in Galaxy series, simultaneously the Asian smartphone markets, specifically Indian market, have also been mesmerized by the Galaxy series since quite some time.

Apple may also launch iPad mini soon
The news of GS III mini first appeared in tech blogs during August and since then the Samsung loyalists have been waiting for this small screened smartphone with affordable price.

Previously the news made rounds that Samsung’s rival Apple has started working on miniature version of its flagship iPad tablet with a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display but at a relatively lower resolution.

But, the latest reports from Samsung on GS III mini have reportedly outshone the Apple mini tablet news suggest tech experts.