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Time for tuning in to a professional YouTube

Have you ever heard of an amateur blogger turning into a web celebrity or a sluggish video that goes viral? All this turnabout is the result of the YouTube uploads. YouTube has taken millions of users out out of obscurity. But now it’s time for an overhaul as the site is set for a more professional look.

The “overhauled” YouTube

A year ago the homepage of YouTube had been refurbished promoting its premium channels to attract people. Google is trying to convert YouTube into a small scale television competitor legitimizing its reputation more.

Cosmic Panda was a wait and watch experiment to test interesting and new ideas. YouTube’s channel and homepage had been updated ending up being sleeker making the channels seem clearer in a professional outlook and pumping the name of Google .

But it was not tending to the popular videos instead it was promoting the customized content of the users.

The decline of YouTube

YouTube started losing viewers some time back. Onison, the Web star, started a save YouTube campaign. He confirmed, “I wasn’t worried at first as their viewership decline seemed to be based on them uploading fewer videos… but then some of my favorite channels started suffering, even the big ones were getting almost half the views they used to, despite the fact their upload rate and quality didn’t change.”

YouTube began to recruit new talent and started cleaning out old accounts. The foundation of the image of the site was changing much to the displeasure of many.

The YouTube celebrities saw their subscribers and fans falling in numbers. YouTube tried to give an explanation for the fall “In the past few months we have been scrubbing YouTube of inactive and closed accounts.

Why? Because these accounts had been inactive for years, were not linked to our more up-to-date and secure systems, and well, nobody uses them. This had the knock-off effect of some creators seeing a drop in subscribers.”

The Google brainstorming

Google has been betting on its flagship networking site Google+ to revive YouTube's fortunes. It tied YouTube accounts with those on Google+. It became necessary to create a Google+ account, thus having to share a common Google platform.

Google had introduced video recommendations according to the time period one spent watching a particular video. Just like TV viewing, the stipulated time period was priority.

The users lacking professional approaches will be shown the door. You Tube insists on meaningful content to get views and make money from now on.

YouTube is ready to be embraced by the ABC Family. For the very first time it will be picked up by a network TV. This sure spells good news for Google as it means that YouTube is going thoroughly prime time and professional.