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Glitch keeps iCloud storage at 25GB until 2050

Glitch results in iCloud storage at 25GB until 2050

If you are an Apple iPhone worshiper then the futuristic iCloud service must have caught your fancy. This cloud computing and storage service assists the users in saving data on remote server which can later be easily downloaded running iOS and later versions.

Currently boasting a whooping 150 million users, it provides access to applications such as iOS device backup and storage, Find My Phone, Find My Friends, Photo stream, Email, Back to My Mac and iTunes Match. Users can avail 5 GB, 10 GB,20 GB and 50 GB of data.

Many users were apparently in for a surprise yesterday when a glitch led to the iCloud account systems displaying extended storage space along with renewal dates extending for decades. Primarily used as a syncing medium to reduce the load of online storage, Apple brought down the base storage to 5 GB. There is a temporary provision of 20GB offered to Mobile Me customers during their transition to the new service.

This service was initially offered for a time frame of a month but was later extended up to 30th September. This meant that there should have been a downgrade of storage space from 25GB to 5 GB. However, on the contrary users were in for a surprise when their accounts still showed them 25GB of space. The expiry of storage space too has been pushed back to the year 2050.

Those who checked their iCloud space did find this occurrence with a message being displayed under storage plan stating “You will be downgraded to free storage plan when your free 20GB plan ends on mm/dd/2050.”

Users were dismayed on learning that this was just an operational error by the giant and will be rectified in some time. In case if you happen to see this gift being bestowed upon you, don’t be surprised if it just disappears in the future as it is just a bug. Keep watching this space for more updates on the developments.