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FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS Review

The widely anticipated FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS has been finally launched!
FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS is here!

Ardent gaming fan and a proud iPhone or iPad owners, FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS is finally here and that too with a bang!

Salient features of FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS:

1. Excellent game-play
2. New skills, sleek controls and easier handling
3. Multiplayer mode
4. Cool graphics

FIFA Soccer 13

The best soccer game FIFA Soccer just got better with few tweaks. Its next version FIFA Soccer 13 has finally been launched for Apple devices. Fast paced action, new skills and accurate controls prove to be the perfect recipe for a scintillating gameplay.

There are hundreds of teams across dozens of leagues and thousands of players to choose from in the game. Now pick your favorite teams and best players and make use of new skills to have a go at the goal.

The graphics of the game are excellent and you will find it pretty hard to resist the temptation of being blown over with them. You can choose any one out of four available modes. While you might be well aware of the Quickmatch and Manager modes, the online multiplayer mode will definitely surprise you for good.

With this mode, you can hook up with your friends on internet via EA's Origin, Facebook or Gmail. Possibility of conducting tournaments without having to meet budget requirements or acquiring players is a welcome change from past editions.

The game features sleek controls; all you need to make a skill move is to touch a button and move it in any direction that you wish to. This makes maneuvering the ball much easier when compared with earlier editions and other games that are available out there.

You can set the team formation and playing strategies as you may wish. The game is pretty detailed and you may go on and on exploring it for days.

The Bad
While the game is pretty impressive overall, there is one problem that would pinch you for sure. The cameras are stationed pretty far from action and that can be an issue as you have to bring the device closer to the face for watching the action.

Overall, the game is pretty good and worth going for!