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Russian Prime Minister invites Facebook CEO

Russian Prime Minister invites Facebook CEO

Facebook CEO will meet Russina Prime Minister to discuus new ventures.

In an eminent approach to boost the contry's economy, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has invited Mark Zuckerberg for exchange of certain ideas to add innovation to country's economy.

Facebook founder would exploit the opportunity since the website is lagging behind the domestic social networks such as VKontakte.

Medvedev's spokeswoman Natalya Timakova quoted "The meeting will take place on Monday."

They will discuss cooperation in IT and start-ups in Skolkovo". Skolkovo, on the outskirts of Capital Moscow is being developed as an important IT destination and encourage global IT giants to establish their ventures.

Vedomosti newspaper reported that the Facebook CEO will be attending an event named as the Facebook World Hack, that invites programmers to suggest different ideas aiming the web portals enhancement.

Also not many know that oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who holds major stake in Russian technology investment firm DST Global, also owns 5 percent stake in Facebook.

Prime Minister Medvedev is known to have embraced his impression of encouraging innovation based economy for the country. Often spotted carrying iPads and other gadgets in official meetings, the Prime Minister has faced criticism in the past for the same.

Medvedev appears on Twitter frequently, and has a surging 1.5 million followers on the site. With inviting Facebook CEO, the Russian Prime Minister expects another important attempt to attain recognition and boost his image.