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Bonanza headed for tech lovers way these holidays

Loosen your purse strings to revel in an incredible tech experience this holiday season!
A deluge of high end gadgets expected this holiday season! A deluge of high end gadgets are expected this holiday season!

Tech lovers brace yourself for a deluge of spectacular gadgets!! Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony and Amazon are set to unleash multiple products in the market this holiday season.

Some of the gadgets that are expected to hit or have already invaded the Indian markets include:

1.Apple iPhone 5

2.Samsung Galaxy S III

3.Samsung Galaxy Note

4.Nokia Lumia 920

Festive season in India starts in October and goes on till December end. Okay, this one was obvious. But smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles hitting Indian markets precisely at that point, is certainly an interesting news.


Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 is set to hit Indian markets some time in October or early November. It has generated tremendous buzz in the global markets, such that people are ready to do anything to lay their hands on one. Certain tepid reviews about the Maps app notwithstanding, the iconic phone will have a grand landing in India just like in most other markets.

Undeterred by $1 billion loss to Apple and the hoopla generated by fifth generation iPhone, Samsung has released Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note tab in Indian markets. It has even cut the price of both gadgets by a few thousand rupees to attract buyers. The going is good and they have received rave reviews from analysts and buyers alike.

Windows based phones
Windows based Nokia Lumia 920 is already being dubbed better than Apple iPhone 5 when it comes to features such as screen resolution, camera or maps application. It is probably the beleagured company's attempt to regain some of the market share it lost to competitors, mainly Apple and Samsung.

It is being speculated that Windows based tablets and smartphones will become quite popular in coming days. Intel Windows love fest is going to continue for years and that will be a boon for the two long time companions as well as the customers.

Game Consoles
The next generation of Microsoft XBox, Sony Play Station and Nintendo Wii S might take a while to hit major gaming markets like Japan, US and Europe, and perhaps a wee bit longer to reach Indian shores. Nevertheless, there is a lot in store for gaming enthusiasts as the most anticipated game of the season, Halo 4 will be out soon. In addition, many such games will be released shortly or have been already released for gaming consoles and the latest iPhone.

So loosen your purse strings and get set to enjoy an incredible tech experience this holiday season!!