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Three Windows Smartphones to compete soon

For the first time three market giants will launch their much anticipated smartphones, all running on Windows

The three most anticipated Windows smartphones are to be launched by HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

Carrying on some similarities from the previous model One X, HTC 8X features the same 4.3 inch display. The device has an 8MP CMOS sensor with backside-illumination (BSI) that enables it to perform efficiently even in low-light.

It has a fantastic f/2.0 aperture with 28 mm lens. Front cameras have always been an attraction in HTC sets. This model carries on this legacy and comes with a 2.1 MP with the same aperture and 88 degree ultra wide angle-lens.

HTC advances this model into a variety of colours, which will be an will be an added advantage.

HTC restrains the storage memory to 16 GB with no extention alternate, a major drawback with the set.

Nokia Lumia
In response to HTC's 8MP, Nokia Lumia comes with an amazing 8.7MP sensor that is well supported by optical imaging stabilization. Even the display exceeds HTC's 4.3" to 4.5".The sensitive touch and sunlight readability enhancements makes it a better choice than HTC.

The best feature however in this set is the Qi charging (wireless charging) that justifies Nokia's legacy of producing strong and innovative hardware. The storage capacity here is 32 GB , which is double to that of provided in HTC.

Samsung ATIV S
Samsung ATIV S provides better specifications than both Nokia Lumia and HTC 8x. The display measures a vowing 4.8 inches supported by AMOLED HD, has an aluminium body, a 1.9MP front camera and an expandable storage upto 32 GB.
The phone has micro SD card slots that were absent in Nokia Lumia.

Since the prices for the sets have not been revealed yet, the best choice stays delayed.