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Live features and other advancements soon: Twitter CEO

Twitter will shortly add new features to boost the no of users

Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter, announces innovative additions in the globally pursued web portal. The new tools will allow users to publish tweets of choice. The up-gradations also aim at promoting live features and highlighting breaking news bits.

"We've known for a long time that for events in the real world, the shared experience is on Twitter," Costolo said at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco. "We want to create an ability to curate those events."

Costolo further confirms restraining third party capacity in accessing tweets, as they were generating a lot of money with not much contribution to Twitter's profit.

Other significant additions include a separate section called cards that shall display 140 character live features such as game scores updates and others.

"We want to migrate to a world in which the 140 characters can serve as a caption for additional functionality," Costolo said. "We'd like that to include things like real-time data, even an application functionality."

Users shall also appreciate downloading of archived tweets, an application earlier available as third party and now being developed by Twitter.

All the declarations signify Twitter's critical concern towards curating external interference and undue money making.

Costolo further assures of improved tweeting experience by eliminating fake accounts.

Social networking doesn't necessarily lead to an unreal world, it sometimes help in regaining lost communication, eases the access to the other side of the world, and provides us the freedom to express.

This fuming exploitation of social media shall never end, and Twitter's tremendous increase in its employee strength over the past 18 months justifies that.