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Demand for personal information by the apps , scares cell phone users away

Cell phone users shy away from using an app on their mobile phones as they are apprehensive that it may impinge on their privacy. The people are scared that the demand for personal information had them stay away from the installation of apps.

The apps study

A study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project pointed out that a huge number of people refuse to disclose their personal information and are willing to do without installing apps instead.

The survey was conducted nationally on nearly 2,254 American adults using landlines and mobiles from 15th March to 3rd of April. The survey has been studied with an allowance of plus minus 2.4 percentage points.

The apps in the mobiles offer many program services like games and maps that gather information personal to the user. The apps are also capable of tracking the individuals as they make use of the mobile phones GPS function.

Data evidence

Out the people already using apps nearly 30 % of them have done away with the apps they were using due to the immense demand of personal information.The data includes the individuals using iPhones and Androids according to the study details .

In totality about 88 % adults admitted to possess a mobile phone, out of them nearly 43% downloaded applications on to their cell phones. The number has increased from the 31% mark in 2011.

Nearly 30% Smartphone owners admitted to shutting off the cell phone’s tracking mechanism as they were concerned about the companies and people misusing the accessed information.

41% people said they had photo and contacts related backed up data on their mobiles. Men were more anxious and deleted an app more likely than women. But it was an unspoken mutual ‘privacy“agreement between the males and females as they both didn’t want apps on their mobiles.

45% blackberry users, 30% iPhone owners , 36% Android owners , and one third of all people with mobile phones , were likely to complain to have had their phone stolen or lost . These people were less likely to store back up information afterwards on their phones.