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Facebook starts new versions of apps for iPhone, iPad

Passé are the days of laptop web searches! Mobile devices are now splashed all around, even in the Facebook Headquarters. iPads are being actively used as cash registers and for signing in presence at the front desk.Times have changed, the users are depending largely on the mobile phones to have a quick “wherever“ access to Facebook.

Facebook and mobile devices

The employees resort to the Facebook messaging system that is responsible for displaying new messages on the PC’s and the mobile equipments. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, is being pressurized by the Wall Street investors to stake its stronghold on the mobile technology by smooth lining it.

Presently, the Facebook is trying to dish out the right methods to promote ads to the people using mobiles without creating undue confusion on the small screens.

The mobile ads render lesser revenue than the advertisements given on the standard web format. This indicates that more the number of people accessing Facebook through their mobile phones lesser capita profit income for the company.

Facebook v/s iPads and iPhone

Facebook has started new versions of its iPhone and iPad apps which were released on Thursday. A large number of users had earlier criticized the sluggish performances of the Facebook through their mobiles.

The company geared up for a change and carried on to rewrite the new apps in the original programming languages specific to the apple instruments. This has led to a mass replacement of the earlier used web-based technology and better performance.

"We have basically retooled and focused the company around mobile," claimed Mike Schroepfer, vice president for engineering of Facebook. He stated further "It's been a huge change."

The changing approach

Earlier websites would be created adding new features but the mobile versions were updated with translations at leisure by a core mobile team. But now times have changed.

Product teams have been reoriented and instructed to develop newer features compatible to the mobile versions the moment they are created for the websites.

Aggressive training sessions by top engineers have been introduced every week for bringing 20 employees in touch with the latest expertise.

The trainees at Facebook learn how to program effectively for the android and apple devices to help perk up the sluggish sales figures of the company.