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A new iPhone expected this fall

iPhone giant Apple is likely to roll out a new iPhone later this year.

Apple Inc., the Californian iPhone giant, is all in readiness to come up with the next iteration of the iPhone franchisee in September, most probably on September 12.

Going its trademark way, Apple is likely to unveil the next iPhone at the fall of this year, thereby paving the way for enhanced sales during the holiday season.

Since long, iPhone lovers all over the world have been waiting desperately for getting their hands on a new iPhone; and now, it seems like their patience will finally bear berries during the forthcoming Apple event which is expected to witness the official launch of iPhone 5.

The news has been confirmed by sources close to the company, though they added that the final launch date, September 12, might be revised. Meanwhile, shares of Apple Inc., the world's biggest corporate in terms of market value, spiked up 1.7 percent to read US$595.03 in the New York market. Over the course of this year, the shares of Apple rose 47 percent, mainly because of iPhone 4S.

What to expect
The next iPhone, perhaps the iPhone 5, will be featuring the best specs yet, with innovative redesigning, thinner build, larger screen, and better navigation.

As per speculations, the new iPhone will sport a smaller Dock Connector along with a plentiful of other highly fascinating tweaks; however, nothing is clear as of now.

Competition likely to get fierce
The iPhone 5 will definitely give Samsung, which recently launched its latest model of Galaxy smartphone, a close run for its money as iPhone has always been the favorite amongst the two. In recent times, Samsung captured the front of dominance in the global smartphone market.

Apple has long been failing against the rapidly expanding market of Samsung, which has now scored an edge over Apple in the global smartphone market that stands for a mammoth US$219.1 billion (S$273 billion). The duo, Apple and Samsung, now holds over 50% of total smartphone sales world over.

While Apple mainly relies on releasing one smartphone every year, Samsung follows a different marketing and sales strategy altogether. It rolls out several handsets each year under different price and size band, and has therefore become the leading handset maker in the world.