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Stamped relaunches with new features and celebrity investors

Stamped, the micro-reviews service started by former Googlers, announced tonight a service revamp and some celebrity-heavy lineup of new investors.

What is 'Stamped'?

Stamped, first launched last November, let's users share reviews of things they like with their friends, whether it's a movie, music, or restaurant. Instead of ratings based on one to five stars, Stamped gives users 100 "stamps" of approval to dole out to their favorite venues or products. The company's co-founders believe the limit encourages users to make more careful decisions on what wins their stamp.

The Revamp Process
To fund the revamping effort, Stamped roundup some big-name investors, including Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, The New York Times, Columbia Records, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, and Crunchfund. Previous investors Bain Capital Ventures and Google Ventures also contributed, bringing Stamped's total funds raised to day to $3 million.

All these investors not only provided the capital necessary to hire awesome people," the company's co-founders said in a company blog post, "but also held a genuine belief in the long-term vision of our platform, and in some cases a desire to use it themselves to connect with their audience."

Stamped 2.0 now app operates like Twitter; you can follow others and see their activity in your feed.

The overhaul includes a new guide feature that allows users review their friends' recommendations. New integrations with Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Netflix, OpenTable, Fandango, and Amazon allow users to listen to music, view trailers, buy books, and even view restaurant menus.

Other enhancements includes a redesigned feed involving more social activity, showing users what their friends are doing. The app even contextualizes stamps, allowing users to overall trends in their stamps and see who has stamped the same things.

Stamped has also introduced a Web version to its mobile app, offering users a desktop way to see stamp collections when they aren't on the go.

"People ultimately discover things through other people in offline conversations," says Stein, one of three co-founders of Stamped. "We built the new version of Stamped to capture a people-driven approach to discovery."