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EA's “Battlefield 4” in the offing, says a convinced tweeting post on twitter?

Remember Battlefield 3? Battlefield 3 was the most important launch by the Electronic Arts ever, in which nearly 10 million copies had been shipped worldwide from the first day it was introduced. It was embraced very comfortably by the critic teams’ and put on the market bringing sale of a whopping number in the first week. The game sold more than 5 million copies. So another Battlefield game following Battlefield 3 is not at all surprising! Battlefield 4 is definitely going to be launched by EA!

The news was tweeted on a post at twitter by a person who had been a part of University of Southern California college campus talk by Frank Gibeau, President of the Electronic Arts, Mr. Gibeau had given his nod for “Battlefield 4” besides “Battlefield 3” being only 3 weeks old. Gibeau is supposed to have addressed the group regarding future of t Battlefield franchise, articulating, "There is going to be a Battlefield 4."
The next question that follows is when is the release of Battlefield 4 by the EA going to take place? By Jonathan Downin. The Activision confirmed the next Call of Duty Game last evening, and the publisher of the Modern Warfare 3 said that the large scale,long –running military shooter franchise would be introduced in 2012.

EA’s digital distribution service, Origin, showcased a banner on an incentive for Medal of Honor: War fighter, when it is pre ordered. If the interested players pre-order the military shooter they will be able to get "exclusive" way in to the "Battlefield 4 Beta". The Battlefield’s official account on “Twitter” said the Origin Banner has been substituted with a Battlefield 3 Premium banner, “Oh, that old bag, you'll want to stay tuned to the official Battlefield page for the real scoop.”

The limited edition of the previous “Medal of Honor” game has gone ahead to present the customers an access to “Battlefield 3 beta”. The players’ wait in anticipation for the release of “Battlefield” at the moment in the works that still has to be officially nodded at but has been pointed out in the US EA Origin Store.