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A watercraft catastrophe cruelly snatches ex- astronaut Poindexter from family

A holiday turned haywire for the Poindexter family when Alan Poindexter, a former space shuttle astronaut died playing around on Wave runners with his two sons. The water craft accident took place at Pensacola in Florida said the NASA reports.He had been enjoying a rollicking fun time with his two grown up sons 26 year old Zacchary and 22 year old son Samuel, in Little Sabine Bay on Sunday when the mishap took place.

Samuel and Poindexter were sitting atop one Wave Runner and Zacchary was on the other said Stan Kirkland, the spokesman for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”They stopped and apparently Zachary did not see them stop," stated Kirkland. "He struck the right rear or the right stern of their personal watercraft. His watercraft went up and apparently struck Captain Poindexter in the back. Both Captain Poindexter and Samuel were ejected."

"Poindexter and his 21-year-old son were on one Jet Ski and his oldest son was on another jet ski. Poindexter was sitting still in the water when his [older] son's jet ski came barreling into him," was the statement made by local ABC affiliate WEAR,quoting the FWC, the body in charge of delving into boating accidents.

The former space shuttle astronaut was taken out from the water and carried to the beach where attempts were made to breathe life into him. He was transported by helicopter to the Baptist Hospital where he succumbed to his lethal injuries, commented Kirkland. All three men were wearing firmly secured life jackets at the time of the accident. Poindexter’s sons escaped without any injuries.

"It's technically still under investigation until our report is completed,” Kirkland said. He further added the sleuths were satisfied it was a misfortune and well thought-out it as “a terrible tragedy".

Alan Poindexter was the son of former U.S. National Security Adviser John Poindexter who worked with the Reagan administration. Fondly called “Dex” Alan made two space visits aboard the NASA space shuttle.

Alan was the pilot on the Shuttle Atlantis in Feb, 2008 and had been responsible for delivering the European Space Agency's Columbus laboratory module safely to the International Space Station. He made a return trip back to space in 2010 April as he took over the command of Shuttle Discovery.

Condolences by the NASA team graced the facebook page posts saying,"The NASA family was sad to learn of the passing of our former friend and colleague Alan Poindexter."

Alan Poindexter left NASA in 2010 December to take over as Dean at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He also flew combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch in Iraq before going on to become a test pilot He was chosen to connect with NASA's astronaut corps in June 1998. His wife Lisa belongs to Gulf Breeze, Florida.