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Oldest Galaxy in the cosmos unearthed by Japanese astronomers

A Japanese Astronomer team helps us visualize distant galaxies by taking us back into time. The Japanese astronomer team in Hawaii asserts to have unearthed the oldest galaxy as opposed to all the other “previous early galaxy discoveries”. The “discovered“ galaxy is said to have been created 12.91 billion light years ago according to the Daily Express News.

The total distance the light travels in a year’s time is called the light year. A single light year is roughly six trillion miles. Subaru and Keck telescopes had captured the galaxy on the Mauna Kea summit in Hawaii, said the research scientists working with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

An expert in Cosmology and Galaxy formation, Richard Ellis claims that the methodology of work done recently by the Japanese is agreeable to all and is more realistic and “watertight“ than some other past discoveries of galaxies. Ellis convincingly stated “it’s the most distant bullet-proof one that everybody believes”, though the findings are almost similar to the work done by the same team the previous year.

NASA's Hubble space telescope had been put to test in the year 2010, by a French Team. They had discovered a galaxy with it that was 13.1 billion light years ago. Another galaxy from 13.2 billion light years ago had been found by a California Team using the same NASA Hubble telescope last year as well.

But the findings have to be confirmed with other methodologies, according to Ellis. The Arizona State University astronomers also have brought to light, a galaxy 13.1 billion light years away, in Chile.

The outer space has always left the people mystified. How far the galaxy is not a matter of concern to most curious outer space lovers. It’s the knowledge about space that Astrophysics and astronomy can gain enormously from The James Webb Space Telescope expected to come up for use in 2018. The revolutionary telescope is expected to help look closely with minute detail into the early days’ of the Cosmos.