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Diablo III

The era of swords-and-sorcery continues as Blizzard's Diablo III gets ready to be launched in India on 29 May, 2012.

Fall in love with your PC mouse all over again as Blizzard announces the launch of Diablo III in India on 29th May 2012. After a period of 12 years, once again your mouse becomes a treacherous source of unleashing your fury on your virtual enemies. The online game has already touched record heights by the amount in which it is being pre-ordered. The game has been successful in attracting the attention of serious gamers as well as casual gamers.

The basic game-play idea is still the same, with isometric view and click-to-attack combat system. However, the gamers who have tested the beta version say that the experience is engaging and incredible. It is a connected game, which means that you can enter a friend's game at any time and wreck havoc on the minions of the hell together. Though the fact that, the game does not have an option to play offline, is a little disheartening.

The game also has an auction house, wherein the in-house players can sell the various game items in exchange for live cash. The real-money auction house gives Blizzard a new source of revenue. It also gives players the opportunity to earn money, as well as the chance to track down hard-to-find items without endless grinding.

Diablo III is not a game you just breeze through, the game sucks you in itself as your character fires multicoloured lights in all directions to destroy enemies. The characters from which you can choose from in the game are: The Barbarian (older than in Diablo II, with set of better skills than before), The Wizard (The sorceress of Diablo II makes a comeback as a wizard), the Witchdoctor (the replacement of nacromancer of Diablo II),the Monk (returning from Diablo I with deadlier skill set)and the Demon Hunter.

Playing with either your friends or strangers as your team members, the team of five players is very deadly. And the more members enter the game, the more are the energy levels of the enemy. A word of caution though, the hardcore level of the game is really hardcore, such that once dead in that level, you will have to restart your game, as your character does not comes back to life.

Each character has different sets of missions to go through and for reaching the next level and unlocking new trivias you have to complete certain goals. This aspect of the game takes the replayability factor of the game very high. There's a lot on this game's mind for you as you can get caught in the game for hours altogether, even may not be able to leave it till you finish it on all three levels (easy, normal, hardcore).

Diablo III’s story will see you adventuring through all sorts of environments, including towns, inns, graveyards, cities and of course dungeons and crypts. As if the game is almost mockingly aware of its own addictive nature, a permanent in-game clock to the top right corner can be added to the top right corner of your screen, so you can see just how long you have been playing.

Loot is absolutely everywhere and anywhere, regardless of its worth. A player might be tempted to do rounds of the dungeons of the merchant just because owning a lot of loot which is comfortably in front of the player's character.
For now the longevity of the game seems immense and you can be surprisingly in love with the game, even if you have not experienced the previous versions.

Play on gamers !