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Iran To Resolve Nuclear Issue Only If West Lift Sanctions

As Iran’s nuclear stand continues to baffle world political leaders, the Islamic nation reassures resolving the issue only if the west initiates lifting of the sanctions.

Iran’s foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, confirmed on Monday that his nation is ready to have a word with the world powers in order to settle its longstanding nuclear issue.

Salehi simultaneously clarified that as long as west considers lifting sanctions levied against Iran, the Islamic republic would afford to cut back on its high level uranium enrichment program.

"If the West wants to take confidence-building measures it should start in the field of sanctions because this action can speed up the process of negotiations reaching results," Salehi maintained during an interview given to the Iranian student news agency ISNA.

U.S. Wants Concrete Actions From Iran
Though the last round of talks in Istanbul held between Tehran and the West were quite fulfilling for both the sides, Salehi stressed that the nuclear issue could be solved during the next round of talks in Iraqi capital of Bagdad to be held on May 23.

On the other side, U.S. is yet unclear whether Tehran just wants relief from sanctions prior to any concrete actions taken against its nuclear mission and further stated that no relief can be granted merely on the basis of dialogues and without any significant actions taken against high-risk nuclear program.

"One only begins to look at those issues when there are sufficient concrete steps taken that warrant any changes in our approach to sanctions," a senior Obama official was quoted as saying after the Saturday talks in Istanbul.

Is Iran Hoodwinking The World?
Salehi affirmed during the interview that Iranian uranium enrichment program is only meant for peaceful purposes but didn’t deny on arriving at a compromising situation at its higher enrichment levels.

To quote what Salehi said, "Making 20 percent (enriched nuclear) fuel is our right as long as it provides for our reactor needs and there is no question about that,"

"If they guarantee that they will provide us with the different levels of enriched fuel that we need, then that would be another issue." he added

Meanwhile, the west including the U.S., major European nations and Israel continue to grow suspicious about Iran’s notorious uranium enrichment program.

Earlier this year the U.S. levied heavy sanctions against Iranian assets in the U.S. and asked other nations to cut back on crude import from Iran in order to run Iran dry of revenue required to build up its covert nuclear facility.