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Apple, Samsung agree to judicial tete-a-tete

Apple and Samsung are locked in 20 fierce patent litigation cases 10 countries.

Hopefully, the escalating patent war between Apple and Samsung may be settled with “sit downs” rather than legal spats!

With the aim to resolve their long standing patent battle over smartphone and tablet technology, the two tech giants have agreed to participate in a settlement conference.

In a court filing late Monday, both the firms decided that their chief executives and team of lawyers will meet for a face-to-face mediation session before the trial gets under way in July.

US District Judge Lucy Koh, presiding over the case has referred the companies to San Francisco-based Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero to work things out within the next 90 days.

“As the parties have indicated in their joint statement, the chief executive officer and general counsel of Apple and the chief executive officer and general counsel of Samsung shall appear and participate,” at settlement discussions, Koh’s order states.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that a judicial tete-a-tete means a settlement is in the offing, but this is the first time that such high-level settlement talks have been ordered by the court for patent disputes between the two companies.

Apple-Samsung war
The legal war between Apple and Samsung continues unabated. The two are locked in 20 fierce patent litigation cases 10 countries including the United States, Japan, France and Australia.

It began in April last when Apple filed a suit against Samsung in the United States, openly accusing the tech giant of blatantly copying the designs of its iPhone and iPad devices.

Samsung isn’t taking it lying down. The electronics company has also filed suits against Apple for violating multiple wireless technology patents. It is also trying to get the iPhone 4S banned in four countries including Australia.

Business relationship of two companies
The patent battle has not affected their commercial ties so far. Samsung is Apple’s largest supplier of components used in its iPad and iPhone products.

In fact, Apple has reportedly spent close to $7 billion dollars on Samsung hardware parts in 2001.