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Anonymous May Target To Shut Down Internet

Hacking group Anonymous might target internet services to temporarily block it, however it seems blackout won’t happen.

Earlier Interpol's Secretary General Ronald Noble expressed his fears when he stated that the hacking group Anonymous might target internet services to temporarily block it. However turn of events reveal that the blackout won’t happen.

Noble said the hacking group "Anonymous" is protesting against a number of reasons including the crash of Wall Street and irresponsible leaders.

Ronald Nobel said, “Operation Global Blackout 2012 looks to shut down the internet for a whole day tomorrow by disabling its core DNS servers, making websites inaccessible.”

"Investigations have already been launched by Colombia, Chile and Spain as their private and public websites have been attacked by the group," he added.

Blackout Won’t Happen

Though speculations are rife over Operations Global Blackout, the experts opine that the blackout won’t happen. This is because Anonymous has never shown its capability of generating enough traffic to flood the root servers.

Hacking group, Anonymous hasn’t explained how it will perform an attack on the servers which are massively overprovided with bandwidth.

It is speculated that the attack will target the world’s 13 DNS servers so that Internet users will be unable to perform domain name lookups , thus disabling the internet temporarily.

This will be same kind of attack which the group had performed earlier but, not on this scale.

Can It Happen?
Taylor Armerding of Computer World expresses that Anonymous has the capacity to bring the server down.

Taylor said, “Anonymous could bring a server down with ramp, in which an army of bots spoof the IP address of a target system and, 'cause the DNS to flood the very network it is supposed to be serving.”

Lets see whether the attack, first of its kind on such a large level, takes place or the people will continue to use internet as they do normally.

Anonymous' Say On The Matter

Anonymous made their reactions available through their Twitter account, through which they communicate with the cyber world.

"What is this #OperationGlobalBlackout nonsense? I thought we settled this back in February? It won't happen. Stop asking us about it! >.<," the group's account (@youranonnews) tweeted on March 29.

Another account (@AnonymousIRC), added, "Dear Netizens, Internet will remain online. And to the death we will defend it. Always. Sail strong and do not get distracted by trolls."