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North Korea Initiates Fueling Rocket Confirm Reports

According to the reports from the Japanese media, North Korea has started filling liquid fuel in its rocket and it is expected to launch it in the second week of April.

North Korea has drawn significant criticism because of its scheduled rocket launch, which according to the North is for its satellite launch. Countries like United States and South Korea believes the launch is an initiation to develop intercontinental Ballistic missiles.

The paper informed that a diplomatic source has revealed that North Korea has moved the rocket to a launch pad in the country's far northwest, in Tongchang-ri.

Tokyo Shimbun in a report said, “The launch is coming closer. The possibility is high that the launch date will be set for April 12 or 13.”

Food aid suspended

Earlier US president Barak Obama called North Korea to drop its satellite project but, North Korea decided to go ahead with it. Due to which United States suspended food aid to North Korea upon which both the countries decided earlier.

On Wednesday a Pentagon official said that North Korea has broken a promise to halt its missile launch and they cannot trust North Korea for the aid. Last month US decided to send food aid to North Korea in return of which the country decided to freeze its missile and nuclear tests.

North Korea claims

North Korea has rejected the allegations and said that it has invited space experts and foreign media to observe the launch for proving the peaceful nature of “a scientific and technological satellite launch in a transparent manner”.

According to North Korea the home built satellite will help it to estimate crop yields, collect weather data, country's forest coverage and natural resources, once it will put satellite into the orbit by the long range rocket.

No immediate comments have been received from South Korea’s defense minister on this report. South Korean military also revealed that they had no information about the fueled rockets.

South Korea’s defense minister is scheduled to hold a press briefing regarding this matter.