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Israel Won’t Caution U.S. Ahead Iran Strikes

Israel diplomats have revealed that they won’t offer any prior notice to Washington before launching a surprise attack on Iranian nuclear sites.

Much before the forthcoming strategic talks between the U.S. and Israeli officials in Washington, Israel has made clear it would prefer not to disclose when exactly the Jewish republic would set up a coup de main on Iran.

The announcement has raised tension in Washington and analysts opine Israel’s latest stake on Iranian issue would mould the shape of its forthcoming meetings at the White House and Capitol Hill.

Why would Israel hide about the air strikes?
U.S. chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently visited Israel along with the state defense adviser, national intelligence chief, and U.S. legislatures. The aim was to arrive at a consensus with Jerusalem on the ways to handle the Iranian nuclear issue.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his Defense Minister Ehud Barak, recently unveiled his belligerent intentions to the visiting U.S. officials.

Israel officials said hiding the strike facts would discharge the U.S. from being held responsible for failing to prevent Israel’s possible assault on Iran.

Iran’s nuclear stand covert and intact
Iran’s uranium enrichment program has been constantly growing concerns in the global arena. A team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited Iran to take hold of the situation.

Recent revelation from IAEA that Iranian nuclear advancements might be a harbinger of its intention to create atomic weapons has raised alarms among major American, European and Asian countries.

On the other hand, Iranian diplomats are constantly denying that its uranium enrichment program is striving towards making military weapons and they are maintaining that the program is meant for peaceful purpose only.