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Milky Way’s Black Hole Consuming Large Asteroids

Black Hole situated at the center of our galaxy is eating asteroids and emitting huge flares.

A giant Black Hole situated at the center of our galaxy is eating asteroids and emitting huge flares daily according to the astronomers.

University of Leicester’s scientist Kastytis Zubovas and his team conducted a research on the Black Hole ‘Sagittarius A*’ with the help of NASA’s Chandra XRay Observatory to give this conclusion.

The Research

The team of researchers who have been studying that part of the galaxy observed that any asteroid passing as near as 160 million kilometers of Black Hole is being torn and vaporized into flares which are caused by vicious vaporizing process.

The flares observed by Chandra are 100 times more powerful than the Black Hole’s regular output. According to scientists 10km wide asteroids are large enough to cause flares, which can be observed by Chandra Observatory.

Researchers' Take

Lead author of the study, Kastytis Zubovas said that the study clears the doubt whether asteroids can survive near black holes.

Kastytis Zubovas said,

People have had doubts about whether asteroids could form at all in the harsh environment near a supermassive black hole.It’s exciting because our study suggests that a huge number of them are needed to produce these flares.

Co-author of the study Sera Markoff informed that they have studied few trillions of the asteroids and only a few of them have been consumed by the black hole.

Center of Galaxy

Scientists generally believe that every Galaxy has a black hole in the center and they have millions of times of mass compared to the sun due to which even light cannot escape pass from them.

According to scientists our black hole Sagittarius-A* is surrounded by a huge cloud which contains trillion of asteroids and comets captured because of the gravitation pull of the hole.

Scientists said that they will continue to study Sagittarius-A* in 2012 to know more about it.