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Google's 'Street View' service suspended in India

The mapping service used by Google to capture images for Google earth is facing privacy protection disputes worldwide. The Indian police ordered Google to suspend its Street View services in India.

In what may hamper Google’s global mapping project in India, the Indian authorities have ordered the technology giant to suspend its “Street View” service in Bangalore, the city known as Indian IT hub.

The suspension of Google’s Street View service in India is the latest setback for the Internet behemoth's widely popular and profitable global mapping mission.

The privacy and data protection issues have repeatedly dragged Google’s said project into regulatory disputes with authorities around the globe.

Mapping service captures images for Google earth
For its comprehensive street view service, Google’s has appointed a swarm of photojournalists’ cars across the world to capture 2D/3D images of buildings, streets and terrains.

Google’s mapping service, best-known as Google earth applies these snapshots with maps for online users to explore the desired streets, cities and places.

Though the earth mapping service is extremely informative and globally admired, it has sparked privacy fears from time to time.

"We received a letter from the commissioner of police regarding Street View. We are currently reviewing it and have stopped our cars until we have a chance to answer any questions or concerns the police have," the company said Tuesday.

However, the commissioner of New Delhi police declined to specify the reasons for suspension.

Google keen to clear all queries
Google said it is gauging the present situation and is willing to talk and resolve any concerns the Indian police have.

The Indian IT mainstay, Bangalore is the first city targeted by Google’s Street View in India, where it had been gathering images since three weeks.
Google is reportedly seeking to cover the entire India through its mapping service.

India is the third-largest economy in Asia and a grand IT market with its nucleus active at Bangalore, so Google’s intent in strengthening its mapping project in India makes sense.

The global leaders in technology such as Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have their offices in Bangalore. Google, the Internet search giant employs thousands of professionals all over India.

The data protection controllers across Canada, Europe and Singapore have probed Street View’s legitimacy, after the company recently accepted that the cars used to capture images for mapping service had also gathered personal data including email addresses and passwords through unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

While Google was fined 1000,000 Euros ($143,650) in March by regulators of France’s data and privacy protection for gathering information through unsecured Wi-Fi systems, the Czech Republic overruled it application to capture images there last September.