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Zsa Zsa Gabor to have her half leg amputated

A report by website says that Anhalt called an ambulance to take the veteran glamorous girl to the hospital for the amputation.

Veteran actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor is back in hospital. She was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a blood clot in her leg spread, according to multiple online published media reports.

Publicist John Blanchette told the Associated Press that her doctors examined a growing lesion on Gabor's leg Sunday, after which they advised to amputate part of her leg.

Gabor broke her hip in July and has been hospitalized several times since. She asked for a priest to read her last rites in August.

Hospitalized for emergency amputation
The 93-year-old Hungarian-born actress was rushed back to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 2, after doctors found that cancerous lesions started appearing on Gabor's right leg that they worried could cost her life.

They then advised Gabor's husband Prince Van Von Anhalt to get the actress hospitalized and undergo surgery to have part of her right leg amputated because gangrene was starting to set in.

A report by website says that Anhalt called an ambulance to take the veteran glamorous girl to the hospital for the amputation.

Wanted to be home for holidays
According to Anhalt, Gabor’s doctors had advised him before the holidays to get her admitted as they warned her leg has been infected by a lesion that turned gangrenous, and that she could die if her leg was not amputated above the knee.

But Gabor refused saying she wanted to be home for what could be her last holiday. She insisted to spend New Year's eve at home for her traditional celebration of champagne and caviar, Anhalt said.

Gabor’s health woes
The Budapest-born, film star and TV favorite Gabor’s health has been touch and go since she broke her hip in July.

On July 17, 2010, Gabor, who is partially paralyzed after a 2002 car wreck and pretty much confined to a wheelchair, was rushed to the hospital after falling out of bed to answer the phone at her home in Los Angeles' Bel-Air neighborhood.

Gabor’s heath deteriorated following a surgery to repair a broken hip.

The platinum blonde beauty was given last rites at the hospital Aug. 15 and was brought home to her Bel Air Road mansion the following day after she refused to undergo a liver operation and decided to spend her final days at her home.

About Zsa Zsa Gabor
Born as Sári Gábor, the stunning blond was one of the most notorious party girls of Hollywood in her heydays.

The Hollywood icon is the last of the three Hungarian-born sisters who were on the Hollywood A-list in the 1950s.

Her film credits include 'Queen of Outer Space' (1958), 'Moulin Rouge' (the 1951 version, not Nicole Kidman's 2001 version), and a small role as a nightclub manager in the 'Orson Welles classic Touch of Evil' (1959). In her last role she appeared in a cameo in 'A very Brady Sequel' in 1996.

In addition to numerous Hollywood films, Gabor appeared in several television shows. She regularly appeared on talk show 'The Merv Griffin Show' during the 1960s and 1970s.

Gabor has to use a wheelchair after being partially paralyzed in a 2002 car accident. She also suffered a stroke five years ago.

Gabor married multiple times
The American actress/socialite and beauty queen is also well known for her string of marriages. Gabor has been married nine times. She was divorced seven times, and one marriage was annulled.

Her husbands are: Burhan Asaf Belge (1937–1941; divorced); Conrad Hilton (April 10, 1942–1947; divorced); George Sanders (April 2, 1949 – April 2, 1954; divorced); Herbert Hutner (November 5, 1962 – March 3, 1966; divorced); Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. (March 9, 1966 – October 18, 1967; divorced); Jack Ryan (January 21, 1975 – August 24, 1976; divorced); Michael O'Hara (August 27, 1976–1983; divorced); Felipe de Alba (April 13, 1983 – April 14, 1983; annulled) and Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (August 14, 1986 to present).

Gabor married von Anhalt in 1986. It is her longest marriage to date.