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Lindsay allowed day out for Thanksgiving

Lindsay Lohan has been granted a day out to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. She will be returning to the rehab after 15 hours.

Lindsay Lohan will be celebrating Thanksgiving with her father and a few friends. This was confirmed when Betty Ford Center allowed her to leave the rehab for 15 hours.

She is expected to be back after 15 hours from Palm Springs, California, two hours’ drive from the rehab.

The 24-year-old “Mean Girls” star will spend the Thanksgiving with her father, Michael Lohan, and a few close friends, whose names could not be confirmed, are also expected to join them, ‘TMZ’ reported.

The mother of the actress is reported to have turned down the invitation of her ex- husband.

Dina was hoping that Lindsay could spend the holiday at their home in New York, but the actress is prohibited by a court order to leave California till 2011.

Relations with Dad Michael improving
Spending Thanksgiving with her father is a big change in the actress’ life, as till recently, she refused to talk with him after he made adverse statements in public about her love life and drug addiction.

It seems that both have now reconciled, especially after Michael was seen accompanying Lindsay to counseling sessions and taking her out for shopping after her last stint in the rehab.

It is not yet clear which friends will join the duo for Thanksgiving, but Samantha Ronson is expected to be present. In a tweet on Thursday, she said, “This thanksgiving I am thankful that I’m spending today with someone else’s family. Everyone else’s dysfunction always seems so much ‘cuter.’”

Professional setback
While the personal life of Lindsay appears to be coming back on the track, the same cannot be said about her professional life.

She is going to be replaced by Malin Akerman, a Swedish born Canadian, in the sizzler ‘Inferno.’

Producer Chris Hanley told, “Lindsay has scheduling issues due to legal obligations and is continuing to focus on getting better in rehabilitation in Palm Springs. She really had to focus on that in our opinion-and hers. We wish the best to her and are sure that she will succeed at her goals.”

In a related development, Lindsay Lohan has got the permission to drive again from the doctors in charge of her rehab program and the L.A. probation officials.

She has completed the first phase of her treatment and is now moved to a sober house, where she can make day trips under supervision.