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Dennis Hopper gets restraining order against wife

The family troubles pose quite a threat to Hopper’s life, according to his doctors and lawyers.

Dennis Hopper is having it rough on all fronts. As if the actor’s battle with cancer was not enough, his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy-Hopper, has made it worse.

The 73-year-old actor, who is fighting an advanced, metastasized prostrate cancer, is attempting to get rid of his wife so he may “die in peace.”

Along with divorce papers, Hopper also filed a declaration from his doctor saying that he is required to eliminate unnecessary stress while undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer.

His deteriorating family life is quite a threat to Hopper’s life, according to his doctors and lawyers.

"Whether motivated by malice, greed, dissolution strategy, or emotional instability, [Victoria Hopper's] actions subjected [Dennis Hopper] to emotional distress which has threatened his ability to survive," wrote lawyer Douglas Bagby, in a court filing.

Wife ordered to stay away from Hopper
On Thursday a judge ruled that Victoria must stay at least 10 feet away from Hopper; his son, Henry; his daughter, Marin; and his assistant, Emily Davis.

Victoria Hopper has also been banned from entering the main Hopper residence in Venice, Calif. or any other portion of the actor’s property other than the unit where she is currently staying.

Though Victoria retains primary custody of Galen, Hopper has been awarded the right to visit his daughter every day for two hours.

Hopper calls wife insane in papers
The papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court reportedly give a poor portrayal of Victoria Hopper. In the paper, she is described as “extremely volatile,” “insane and out of her mind,” and “inhuman.”

The Easy Rider star complained of his wife’s "outrageous conduct" in the past year. The couple had also been engaged in several arguments over visitation rights concerning their 6-year-old daughter, Galen.

Hopper, who has been reduced to 120 pounds because of the disease, wants to spend more time with his little daughter. But his wife wouldn’t allow that. Hopper says he spent Christmas "in utter distress" after Victoria Hopper took Galen to Boston without even informing him. He later got to know about her trip from her attorney.

According to court papers filed last month, Victoria Hopper, 42, complained that the actor smoked marijuana when their daughter was around and threatened her. She also claimed that the actor is not capable of making sound decisions due to his illness.

However, the papers filed by the actor were supported with documents from two doctors, who confirmed that he is totally capable.