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5 Ways To Impress Clients

Making a good impression is of paramount importance in business. Here are 5 ways to achieve that.
Try and go with humor in a business conversation. As to the discourses on religion and health, hold them for your colleagues.

When you meet new people for business networking, it is essential to make a good first impression as it influences the entire time period of the relationship.

3 Things not to Do in a Meeting

1. Never Speak Out of Turn
One must never speak out of turn. Raising voice, criticizing, complaining, and gossiping can only bother other attendees. One must speak only when spoken to or when his/her turn comes.

The speaker puts a lot of time into organizing the session, and no one wants to waste time trying to hear a troublesome person.

2. Don't Be Silent
One must also never be silent in a meeting with client or colleagues. Refusing to participate will only raise doubts on your credibility. Engage in the discussions in one way or the another.

3. Check Rude Body Language
Body language is essential to one’s image and success. Sleeping, snoring, eating, talking on the phone while in a meeting will cause a bad impression. Business meetings must be taken seriously.

The following measures can help improve the impression one makes on clients and customers.

1. Dress Appropriately
Clients get the absolute first impression by looking at your clothing. For this, one must ensure to dress up smartly, whether in a meeting or for day-to-day work. Dressing according to the situation is important; over or under dressing is not appreciated.

It is best to ask opinions from people about the choice of clothing, style and other doubts. Be formally dressed for an interview, and a meeting. For day-to-day work, dress up smartly; not too casual and not too formal.

2. Show Good Manners
Good manners never go out of style. One must be courteous towards others. Being conversant with business ethics also comes in handy.

One must ensure to be on time for business meetings and work. Upon entering a meeting, one must always glance around the room and try to remember names of people.

It is considered good etiquette to switch off mobile phones during meetings.

3. Be Clean and Hygienic
When in a meeting, one must ensure to be clean and hygienic. Being fully bathed and groomed before meeting someone for the first time is valued. Shaving is essential for men, because unkempt and disheveled look only repels people.

Make sure your breath is minty and fresh. If you sweat heavily, keep a small stick of deodorant to stay fresh.

4. Be Precise
One must be clear and precise in one’s speech. Politeness and good articulation is important as it shows intelligence to the other person.

One must speak clearly without giving a chance to the other person to say "excuse me?”

5. Use Humor
Try and go with humor in a business conversation. As to the discourses on religion and health, hold them for your colleagues.

But joking must be done moderately, because what might be hilarious to you might not be to others. So, one must withhold jokes that are not dinner table friendly.