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Eighth mistress surfaces in Woods scandal

Woods' mistresses' number adds up to 8 now. It is believed that Woods’ wife Elin Nordgren knew about his betrayal and conduct, which is the reason she cornered him on the night of the accident

New York, December 7 -- Porn star Holly Sampson is the new woman linked with the Tiger Woods scandal after she proclaimed her involvement with the No. 1 golfer.

Holly, a 36-year-old porn star, has appeared in titles like Descent into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife.

She has done erotic films and TV shows like Lady Chatterley’s Stories, The Voyeur, and Thrills. Holly has worked under the name Nicolette Foster too.

Woods’ infidelity and conduct
The latest allegation takes the number of Woods’ mistresses to eight.

It is believed that Woods’ wife, Elin Nordgren, knew about his betrayal and conduct, which is the reason she cornered him on the night of the accident.

Woods’ friends also knew about his infidelity and sexual misconduct, sources inform.

However, Holly Sampson, the new girl on the block has yet to say anything. Her lawyer Andrew Contiguglia said, “She has no comment on the matter.”

What the women have to say
So far, Woods has been linked with eight women; Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin, Jaimee Grubbs, Jamie Jungers, Cori Rist, Mindy Lawton, and Holly Sampson.

Moquin refuses to accept the relationship, saying, “At this time, I'm just choosing to focus on my job.”

Rachel Uchitel, on the other hand, spilled the beans herself. She said that Tiger had been texting her when Elin caught them.

Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, reported that her affair with Woods started in 2004 when she was just 20-year-old.

Cori Rist said she met Tiger in New York, and the relationship spiraled to sex.

“Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn't be seen coming into his room,” a source said.

Mindy Lawton, a waitress by profession, thought she was the only one in love with him. She admits having sex with Tiger when Elin was out.

However, Mindy’s sister claims to have seen Tiger’s texts to her, which she said were “crude”.