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John Mayer takes jibe at Britney after her lip-synching fiasco

On Friday, nearly 100 Britney fans walked out of her concert because they were disappointed by the singer’s performance

Perth, November 9 -- Singer John Mayer tweets about Britney Spears’ debacle in Australia, when her fans walked out of a concert at the Burswood Dome during her Circus Tour.

Following Britney Spears’ lip-synching fiasco during her Circus Tour in Australia, John Mayer has taken a dig at the singer.

Talking about the walk-out staged by Spears fans, Mayer tweeted, "If you're shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you." He is currently in Australia to promote his new album.

Out of synch, Down Under
On Friday, nearly 100 Britney fans walked out of her concert because they were disappointed by the singer’s performance.

The concert held at Burswood Dome in Perth was dreary as Britney continued to lip-synch during the two-hour show; the angry fans were reported as saying.

The generic welcome by the singer may have only escalated the fans’ disappointment. She started the concert by saying, “What’s up Australia? How you feeling tonight? It’s so good to be here tonight. Your country is beautiful.” The city of Perth did not find any mention!

Wendy Di Renzo, an annoyed concert-goer, who shelled out $148 for the ticket, said, “It was so impersonal. She did not interact with her audience. There were no big TV screens projecting the action, so if you didn’t know Britney, you might have even doubted it was her.”

‘Name and Shame’ law
Meanwhile, politicians in sates of Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, are proposing a new law that will entail artists to declare in advance whether they will sing live or lip-synch.

This new law has been proposed in the backdrop of Britney’s 14-show tour, where Aussies are being charged exorbitant amount for a lip-synched performance.
Nearly, $ 1,500 was being charged for a ticket.

Aussies think charging shelling out steep prices for a concert that does not offer full live performances, is unfair.

‘Not all unhappy
Though some may have stormed out of her concert, Britney did manage to please many of her fans.

Her website has been flooded with messages of praise. “I paid $AUS 1,500 (nearly 1,400 U.S. dollars). To see a fantastic artist perform and sing in front of me is my dream come true. I love you Britney,” wrote a fan.