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Rapper Soulja Boy arrested after fleeing from police, released

Soulja Boyhit took to his Twitter account on Friday (Oct. 9) to move his followers’ attention from his jail stint to Saturday's BET Awards

Los Angeles, CA, October 10 -- Soulja Boy has been released after spending a night behind bars in a Georgia jail. The rapper was arrested Wednesday night in Georgia after allegedly running from police while supposedly attending a video shoot.

The 19-year-old Atlanta rapper (born Deandre Cortez Way) was arrested by police on Wednesday night on a charge of obstruction and spent the night in jail after fleeing from an abandoned home, E! Online reports.

Soulja Boy fled but caught
The "Crank That" rapper fled from police despite an order to stop, and eventually got caught. The incident occurred at what appeared to be an abandoned house in the McDonough area of Atlanta while allegedly on-set of a video shoot.

According to Captain Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police, Soulja Boy was detained when a police officer responded to a report of juveniles hanging out in an abandoned home. And when police arrived on the scene, they witnessed around 40 people standing in a dark backyard behind the house, including the rapper.

"Somebody had seen a large group of juveniles hanging out at this house that they knew to be abandoned," Bolton told E! News. "[The responding officer] found about 40 people located behind this abandoned home."

What was going on?
After being nabbed by the cops, Soulja Boy told them that the individuals gathered at the abandoned Atlanta Georgia premises were shooting a music video with him. Majority of the people gathered in the yard scattered after seeing the officers walking on the premises.

"You couldn't really tell what was going on," MTV quoted Bolton as saying. "But about half of the group ran from the officer on foot. He ordered, of course, for them to stop. ... There were several vehicles left at that location."

According to CNN, the responding officer spoke to the remaining individuals who had admitted that they were all there to be a part of a video shoot. While investigating the scene, they figured out that one of the people who fled was Soulja Boy.

Rapper tried to convince but charged
The buzz is that the rapper was arrested when he returned to pick up his white Range Rover, which was left at the house. Soulja Boy did his best to convince the officers that the juveniles were assembled there only to film a music video with him, but the cops arrested him on the spot and charged him with one count of misdemeanor obstruction for running from police after being ordered to stop.

"It was dark behind the house with no lighting," Bolton said, adding that the police report was completely lacking any clues that filming was taking place. "If they were shooting, it was with no light. There was no mention of him seeing any camera or anything at all to do something like that."

The rapper was released from custody on $550 bond on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy took to his Twitter account on Friday (Oct. 9) to move his followers’ attention from his jail stint to Saturday's BET Awards.

"To all my fans, I just wanna put this behind me!" he tweeted. "I'm not going back to jail!! Let's focus on the BET Awards! :)"

More on Soulja Boy
DeAndre Ramone Way (born July 28, 1990 in Chicago) is better known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, or simply Soulja Boy. He moved to Atlanta at age six, where he became interested in rap music. At age 14, he moved to Batesville, Mississippi, with his father, who provided a recording studio for him to explore his musical ambitions.

In March 2007, Soulja Boy recorded "Crank That" and in September his single “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

That same year, Soulja released his first independent album Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album and also met with Mr. Collipark to sign a deal with Interscope Records.