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Vanessa Hudgens in another photo scandal or is it publicity?

Risqué pictures of Vanessa Hudgens were first released in 2007, following which she issued an apology to the fans

Washington, August 7: Vanessa Hudgens of the ‘High School Musical’ fame is going all out to promote her upcoming family flick ‘Bandslam’. And creating a controversy around, perhaps an easy way to get everyone talking about oneself.

So while Hudgens is busy doing the media rounds to publicize for her new flick, a new set of nude pictures of the 20-year-old is simultaneously picking up heat. Apparently, the sexy photos were only meant for Hudgens’ boyfriend, Zac Efron, but according to rampant conjecture, the release of nude pics just around the release of a new movie could be a deliberate attempt to gain publicity.

Nudity for serious adult image?
Hollywood’s leading media consultant Michael Sands puts it straight: "Vanessa wants to raise her visibility and become an 'A' lister, so by posing Vanessa is shedding her Disney image and becoming a serious actress.

"Vanessa feels her career is being held back and she wants to be 'en vogue'," Fox news quoted Sands as saying.

However, the just-out-of teens Hudgens has decided to deal calmly with the second nude-photo controversy of her life. She is keeping mum about the new lot of her pictures in provocative poses, which have recently hit the web.

Now of legal age, the actress was supposedly just 17-years-old when she took those photos of herself with a camera phone.

Risqué pictures of Hudgens were first released in 2007, following which she issued an apology to the fans. "I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos,” she had said.

Hudgens, who will be seen as a hooker in the upcoming Zack Snyder film “Sucker Punch”, is reportedly not bothered about her racy pictures doing the rounds of internet. Since she had already expressed regret over the pictures when they were first released(two years ago), it was said, the actress will not answer any questions about them at the Thursday night premiere of “Bandslam”.

Lessons missed
"[Vanessa] learned her lesson," said a source. "She hasn't done anything like that since the first ones came out."

Sure! No more skin show for Vanessa Hudgens now. The actress kept holding up the strapless silver bubbled dress that she wore to the Thursday night premiere. A carpet wardrobe malfunction would’ve only meant more nudity…more hearsay…more publicity, and more apologies.