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5 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Cameras

Nikon D3 - The ultimate professional digital SLR Camera

Looking out for professional, mid-range or a budget camera? Here’s a quick read for those looking for the best value for money in their camera.

Wondering which camera to buy for that holiday with your family, a business trip overseas or to capture all those wonderful flash-bulb moments that you pass by? It depends a lot on who you are actually, what purpose you want it for, and how much can you lighten up your wallet.

So, with your needs in mind, here’s a wrap-up of top 5 bang-for-your-buck cameras.

1. Nikon D3:  The Nikon D3 is a professional d-SLR with a 12.1mp FX-format, a blazing 9-fps shooting at full FX resolution, and an accurate 51 point autofocus with 3D focus tracking, besides having the world’s first virtual horizon graphics indicator.

With excellent photo quality, especially at high ISO sensitivity, top-notch low-light autofocus, great performance and a tank of a body, the Nikon D3 does a professional proud. We class it under best professional digital SLR cameras.

Price: $4,399.00 - $4,999.00

2. Nikon D90 (with 18-105mm lens):  With a 12.3mp image quality and a cinematic 24-fps in D-Movie mode, Nikon D90 is the world’s first d-SLR with a HD mode and comes with an in-camera image editing. The D90 packs a lot of features, great performance and good photo quality, making it an excellent value for the money. Best option for someone considering a mid-range digital SLR camera.

Price: $1,139.95 - $1,299.99

3. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50: Among the popular mega zoom models, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 stands out due to its combination of high-quality photos, solid performance, and broad feature set.

This is useful for all the nature lovers or the amateur photographers who want to capture the minutest detail of an image from a distance.

Price: $296.99 - $329.99

4. Canon PowerShot SD880 IS: With a wide-angle lens, good performance and excellent photo quality for its class, the Canon PowerShot SD880 is a great choice in the compact camera category. It is a 10MP camera, and is wallet-friendly as well.

Price: $246.88 - $299.99

5. Canon PowerShot A590 IS: When your budget won't stretch far, you don't have a lot of choices. Amongst the handful of decent digital cameras costing less than $200, the Canon PowerShot A590 IS offers a good combination of performance and photo quality for the money. It is available in 8 and 9 MP and can be labeled as the best budget camera.

Price: $124.75 - $162.00