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Madonna to adopt second child from Malawi

Madonna’s second adoption will make her a single mother of four

Los Angeles, March 27: Madonna is reportedly planning to adopt another child, and for this purpose the “Queen of Pop” is expected to travel to Malawi this weekend.

Several tabloid reports were claiming that the U.S. pop sensation and heart throb of millions, the super sexy Madonna, who adopted a Malawian boy in 2006, is heading again to Malawi this weekend to try to adopt a second child from the same impoverished African country.

The reports quoted government sources as saying that Madonna has filed adoption papers for a little Malawian girl.

"We are expecting her this weekend," People quoted an official from the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, which is responsible for adoption in the African nation, as saying.

The official told the magazine that the pop icon has filed adoption papers for a baby girl through Raising Malawi, the charity she established there. "All is set for the adoption; all the paperwork is ready," he said.

A High Court clerk told Reuters, too, on Thursday that Madonna has applied to adopt a second child from Malawi. "We expect her over the weekend or earlier than that...but without a doubt she is coming before the end of this month," an official at the Ministry of Gender and Child Development told Reuters.

According to The Sun, Madonna is determined to adopt 4-year-old Malawian orphan Mercy James. “Madonna is determined that she will leave Malawi with a new daughter. She desperately wants Mercy but there are other orphans who need homes,” The Sun quoted a source as saying.

Malawi officials also confirmed that procedural hearing on star’s second adoption would begin at the High Court in the capital Lilongwe next week.

However, child rights activists have been raising questions whether Madonna, as a single parent, will be eligible to adopt. They fear the singer, who recently divorced director Guy Ritchie, may face a bigger legal battle this time, as Malawian law strongly favors adoptions by married couples.

“She will have to prove that as a single parent she still has the abilities to raise another child alone,” said John Phiri, a local activist.

If Madonna’s second adoption is finalized, she would become the single mother of four children. The hot and sultry beauty has two biological children- Rocco John Ritchie, her eight-year-old son with her former hubby Guy Ritchie, and a 12-year-old daughter Lourdes, fathered by her personal trainer, Carlos Leon. She also has three-year-old son David Banda, whom she adopted along with Ritchie from Malawi last 2006.

On Dec. 22, 2000, the 50-year-old multi-Grammy Award-winning singer married the 40-year-old British director Guy Ritchie, whom she had met in 1999 through mutual friends, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. Their divorce was finalized in November last.