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Five Ways to Cut Car Insurance Premiums

Themoneytimes gives you some tips to save your precious money by trimming down car insurance premiums.

1. Pamper Your Car and Save Bucks:
Some insurance companies give a discount if you agree to limited mileage. You can even get a benefit if you run your car on your driveway rather than on highway as insurers find highways risky and charge high premiums.

2. Single Driver, More Profit
The insurer will definitely ask for full details of your car and will trim the premium if your car has a single driver. However, some insurers allow you to add an extra driver every now and then at some reasonable cost, this sounds sensible and it saves your money.

3. Select Appropriate Cover
Comprehensive insurance is a popular one because it covers everything, including maintenance even when the damage is due to your own mistake. But it is expensive. So here we will recommend the alternative, third party fire and theft. This will cover damage to others as well as the risk of fire and theft to your car, and it will cost approximately half of comprehensive insurance.

4. Protect NCD
No-claims discount (NCD) has a great impact on the premium and it is not wise to lose it. Insurance companies know that even the best drivers can make some mistake, so they offer a “protected discount” when you reach the maximum premium level.

Some companies even allow you to make two claims in any three insurance phases without the risk of losing your NCD. It may cost a little in the beginning but it is valuable in the long run.

5. Shop Around for More Options
Last but not the least, you must surf the Internet and yellow pages, talk to street brokers, and collect the best and latest information to find the excellent quote that suits you. It can take some time, but this is a once in a year process so go for it and enjoy great savings.