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Dollar nearly touched an Eight-Month Low

Reuters: This is the second week of the government shutdown and we have news from the United States’ corridors-the dollar has almost touched the turf of an eight-month low. The currency has dropped 0.2% to 79.929 against a major chunk of currencies.

Wall Street falls as US government faces possible shutdown

Wall Street falls

The United States Government is in a quagmire as it struggles with the emergency funding bill which is stalled by the Republican party in the US Congress.

British women now own nation’s most tablet computers

A trend reversal from last year, women in Britain now own more tablet computers than by men, an Internet market research firm has found.

Automobile update: Cars to drive in 2013

Cars to drive in 2013

One of World's leading Automobile giants will enter into a market tiff against each other, bringing in exciting new cars for the Indian roads

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

EU bank reform in spot as Germany and France wrangle

The proposed European Union bank reform is in a spot of bother as Germany and France, the two biggest economies of the troubled region, spar over the proposed reforms.

Rollback of diesel price hike demanded by allies

The allies have not taken kindly to the Diesel price hike by the Government. A blizzard seems to have hit the political scenario as the allies, political parties, and the trade associations take to the streets in protest and are forcibly urging the Government to roll back the prices.

Post-Kahn, Can IMF Get Its Act Together?

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund's (IMF) managing director, on sexual assault charges comes at time when world economy is delicately poised. The arrest has spread uncertainty over global efforts to deal with Europe’s debt crisis and cast doubts about the future of the IMF.

EBay's Donahoe buys GSIC

eBAY acquires GSIC

EBAY CEO, John Donahoe, has become the owner of the biggest e-commerce marketplace with his acquisition of GCIS.

Stock markets plunge as crude prices soar

Crude oil futures continue to soar in the United States and havetouched the two year high of $100 per barrel. Its impact was visible on the stock markets, as the the share prices fell in the European as well as the U.S. markets.

This Week's 5 Smartest Stock Moves

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