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5 Retirement Tips for Women

A study states that the average woman works for 12 years fewer than the average man, makes $300,000 less than the average man in a lifetime and lives six years longer than the average man. All combined, it means that women have to plan for a longer retirement with less money.

Top 5 Credit Card Myths

Credit card issuers generally do not disclose much information about their product. There are many myths about credit cards in the market, and believing in one can cost you dearly. The best thing to do? Know these myths and get wiser.

Weight worries could cut women's career ladder short

Constant worries about weight could seriously damage a woman’s career prospects, findings of a new study warn.

Pesticide exposure in pregnancy linked to lower IQ in kids

Children are more likely to have measurable problems with intelligence, memory, and attention if their mothers were exposed to certain pesticides during pregnancy, according to three new studies.

Migraine drug use during pregnancy ups risk of oral deformities

The federal health authorities have warned that taking an epilepsy drug during pregnancy increases the chances of such babies having oral defects including cleft palate deformities and cleft lips. The drug is also used to prevent migraines.

Repeated miscarriages may raise heart attack risk--study

Women who suffer repeated miscarriages are at an increased risk of heart attack later in life, finds a new study.

Debit Cards: A Smart Way to Hone Your Kids’ Money Management Skills

Today’s kids start demanding financial independence much earlier. It is up to you to decide how much independence they should be warranted and how you wish to control their spending.

Baby and Money Worries

The decision of having babies is just as economic in nature as it is emotional, primarily because babies bear price tags, the effect of which can be quite jarring on parents-to-be.

Dressing Right for a Favorable Corporate Image

Whether you like it or not, your wardrobe does have a significant role to play in your impression management. So, make your way through the corporate hierarchy by making suitable wardrobe alterations.

Men prefer economically dependent wives: Pew study

New York, January 19 -- A recent study by Pew Research Group has pointed out that men prefer economically independent women as compared to dependent women.