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Cell phones, internet bind families together, says study

Overcoming the pressures of present day lives and in more ways than one covering up for the lack of time people have these days, cell phones and internet have helped American families to remain close to each other, as much as the past generations, says recent survey.

Verizon Wireless Trying To Regain Lost Ground

Facing stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone, Verizon Wireless is fighting back with a vengeance. Verizon has declared that Blackberry Storm, the first-of-its-kind touchscreen smartphone by Research In Motion (RIM) will be available solely to Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S. and to Vodafone customers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Up to now, Verizon has been dominating the U.S. wireless industry. But since when Dallas-based AT and T became Apple iPhone’s exclusive carrier in the U.S., Verizon Wireless has been shaken up.

Verizon Wireless is also planning to open an online bazaar. Through this bazaar, the customers will be able to download a host of games, tools and other applications for use on the Storm.

Software developers will also be able to build applications using the toolkit that will be launched by the company on October 9.

Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Dave Lanman said, “Our goal was to bring one device to the marketplace under the flags of two companies.”

Google's Android-powered Mobile Phone Launch Faces Delay

The launch of new smartphones designed around Google's Android software may not be available until the fourth quarter of this year, as several handset companies and operators are having problems getting Android phones ready for a launch still in 2008.

Apple’s iPhone Moves towards Non-Exclusivity

Apple is breaking away from its history of exclusive iPhone distribution agreements with operators. The signing of agreements with service providers in Italy, Austria, India and Australia as well in a handful of European countries are ample proof of that.

Golden Growth for VimpelCom?

While it should have come as no surprise to investors, shares of Russian wireless services provider VimpelCom (NYSE: VIP) still jumped 6.6% Friday when the company confirmed it had offered to purchase Golden Telecom (Nasdaq: GLDN) for $105 per share. The tender offer follows months of speculation -- and even a public admission -- that VimpelCom would make a move for the fixed-line broadband services provider.

Google completing the Circle?

Google Inc, hopes to re-write the way mobile phone market is used and operated, by announcing yesterday its entrance into the bidding for the 700-megahertz spectrum. This has become available due to broadcasters switching from analog to digital networks. One of the key features is that it has very high penetration rates, including the ability to go through walls -- a key attribute for wireless.

700-MHz Radio Spectrum Auction: FCC to Lay Down the Rules

The FCC has announced its intent to issue regulatory guidelines to handle the auction of the 700 MHz band radio spectrum. The 700-MHz spectrum is currently being used by analog television. With broadcast television going digital, the spectrum would now be free to handle the increasing demands set by wireless communication.

Duke Resolves Wi-Fi Hiccups

Duke University has been able to finally resolve the problem with the Cisco wi-fi network it was employing on campus. The problem caused some sort of incompatibility between the network and the Apple

Hackers bypass iPhone restriction

New York -- It took hackers less than a week to figure out ways to override some restrictions on Apple's new iPhone, a report says.

The most popular hack so far, the Wall Street Journal says, was a provision that iPhone users must sign a wireless service contract with AT&T, its exclusive service provider, or none of the device's features are supposed to work.