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NASA's 500 moon rocks go missing

Imagine going all the way to the moon for rocks and meteorites only to lose them!

Rare total lunar eclipse to occur Saturday

Sky gazers in North America will be treated to the rare sight of a full crimson moon in the wee hours of Saturday morning due to a total lunar eclipse.

NASA confirms the first Earth-like planet

Astronomers with NASA's Kepler mission have confirmed the existence of an Earth-like planet in a “habitable zone” outside our solar system.

Apollo 13 checklist sells for $380k

Commander James Lovell's famous checklist that helped steer the failed Apollo 13 mission home was snapped up for $388,375 at an auction in Texas.

Scientists rank most habitable alien planets

An international team of astrobiologists have ranked the planets and moons that they feel can support alien life.

No proof aliens exist -- White House

Its official! Aliens, UFOs and flying saucers are found only in the movies.

Massive asteroid to skim past Earth Tuesday

A giant asteroid, about the size of an aircraft carrier is set to pass between the Moon and Earth on Tuesday night before flying farther into space.

NASA successfully launches Earth observing satellite

NASA successfully launched, in almost perfect weather conditions on Friday, an Earth-observing satellite aimed at improving weather forecasts and monitoring climate change.

Defunct German satellite to crash-land this weekend

A defunct German satellite racing towards the Earth is expected to crash into the planet’s surface this weekend, according to the latest update from the German Aerospace Center.

Branson dedicates world's first spaceport

The world got its first commercial spaceport on Monday as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic dedicated its new home, Spaceport America, in southern New Mexico.