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Spacecraft Voyager 1, completes 35 years in space

A victory in itself! Voyager 1, the workhorse spacecraft, continues to shine surrounded by stars even after 35 long years, far away, from Mother Earth. Astronomers wait in anticipation are on for Voyager 1, a manmade object, which will pass on to the new realm in space bidding a farewell to the solar system.

Gigantic star on its last legs caught gulping down alien planet

Interstellar dining! A planet ends up as meal for a huge star. Penn State University astronomers caught a huge dying star gobbling up an alien planet!! .

Scientists surprised by a mirror image solar system only ten thousand light years away

A solar system similar to ours? Is there possibility of life elsewhere? Yes, it is true, astrophysicists have discovered a solar system identically arranged like our own, ten thousand light years away from the Earth. The planets are lined up and arranged similarly to the ones in our own solar system.The sun’s equator is arranged in a line with orbital planes of the planets.

Astronomers unlocks the answer to Earth’s water puzzle

Earth was probably formed in a hotter, drier part of the solar system than previously thought, which could explain our planet's puzzling shortage of water, a new study reports.

'MRI' leaks slow motion of sun's interior plasma

According to scientists,'MRI'(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the sun's interior plasma motions are providing important clues about how the Sun transfers heat from its deep interior to its surface.

NASA set to mount disaster tracking camera on ISS

Latest press release from US space agency NASA has revealed about one of NASA’s most ambitious projects; a new camera installation on the International Space Station which will assist human astronauts in keeping up with the disaster zones on Earth.

A deep-space craft dinner in space? Mars food Mission plans astronaut nourishment in space !

What about a dinner served aboard a Mars bound space craft multi million miles away from Mother Earth? At one time this was an impossible thought, but Astronauts in space flying towards the red planet, today or tomorrow are going to need loads of food for their sustenance. As weight is a big issue in space travel, cooking a meal on the space craft is going to be an extraordinary test for the astronauts on this assignment.

Astonishing disappearance of star dust belt has the scientists bamboozled!

Poof! A cloud of dust splayed around a young star has astonishingly disappeared into thin year in just three years time. Scientists are puzzled at how this is possible in such short time duration. Maybe the present ideas of planet formation are not quite true! Could it be that the planet formation is quicker than anticipated? Or maybe the stars anchoring the planets are much larger in number?

Let the Earth stretch Saturday night just a leap second longer!

International timekeepers are busy adding up one more second to the time clock at 12’o clock worldwide time on Saturday, 30th June, 2012. The official atomic clocks are being coordinated by the time keepers from time to time. All these adjustments have to be made because of the gradual reduction in the Earth’s speed due to the moon’s tidal pull and the atomic clock also moves a tad too fast.

Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams will again head to space this July

Indian-American Sunita Williams, an astronaut who lived and worked aboard the International Space Station for record setting six months in 2006, is again headed to the space in July.