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X-rays capture planet eclipse for NASA!!

Flashy lights delight once again!!Astronauts have found an Exo-planet traipsing in front of its parent star. This is a unique phenomenon as this is happening for the first time after 20 years. About 20 years back the exo-planets had been discovered by the scientists.

An Astronauts ride to Mars possible by 2021!

NASA, you can put the Red Planet manned mission on hold! The UK scientists are all set for a concept mission to make a Mars visit with astronauts by 2021.

Curiosity Rover’s Data Indicates Life’s Existence on Mars 4 Billion Years Ago

If the latest analysis of the data provided by Curiosity Rover's samples of the Martian atmosphere is anything to go by, life may have existed on the Red Planet more than 4 billion years ago.

Golden shower sprinkled on Earth by dead star collision ?

Ever wondered what that goldenish glow in space is? Researchers on Wednesday said that smacking collisions years ago, between dead stars may be forging all the gold we have on Earth.

Large metallic space ball falls from sky

A hollow metallic ball with a circumference of 1.1 meters fell from the sky in the distant area of Namibia, leaving authorities puzzled about where it came from.

Soon, Zoom into Earth’s Stratosphere in 15 min with Skylon

This is amazing news folks!! Space zipping will no more remain a dream. We have news that a revolutionary Spacecraft by the name of Skylon, may one day, in a matter of just 15 minutes, carry the adventure lovers into Earth’s Stratosphere.

Watch the luminous dance of the “planetary trio” in sky!

Keep your fingers crossed that the sky stays clear in the next few days, as it going to be a splendorous sight, on the May 28. Start the countdown from the May 24 to May 29 and watch Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, dance together in a dazzling and incandescent triangle in the sky!

Asteroid 2012 DA14 asteroid may zip past Earth: NASA

Record breaking Asteroid flyby is expected on the 15th of February say the NASA astronomers. The astronomer termed small Asteroid 2012 DA14 approximately weighing 130,000 metric tons and measuring about 45 meters in diameter is expected to pass close our planet even nearer than our communication and weather satellites.

Red dwarf stars may be a new home for human beings!!

An Earth like planet is not too far from our own planet according to a new research done by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Astronauts use toothbrush for fixing space station

No hardware store in neighborhood, try toothbrush instead! This seems to be the mantra of astronauts Sunita Williams and Akihido Hoshide and NASA engineers.