Money Matters - Simplified


NASA Grants $6 Million To UCF For Asteroid Landings Study

Later this year, NASA will have University of Central Florida or UCF as its Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science or CLASS. Thanks to the grant award of $6 million by NASA to Daniel Britt, Physics Professor, UCF.

Spacex Enters A Treaty For Rocket Testing At NASA Stennis

The operator as well as creator of the Dragon Spacecraft SpaceX has made an agreement for exploring, expanding and examining the Raptor methane rocket engines in Southern Mississippi at the NASA Stennis Space Center. It’s good news that this company that is based in California is willing to utilize the E-2 test stand so that both the horizontal and also the vertical rocket engine tests can be done.

NASA News: Infant stars shimmers in the giant “Witch Head Nebula”

A massive and dark cloud that is known as “Witch Head Nebula” that is nearly located at about 800 light years from our blue planet,has been located by NASA recently. It is closer to the Orion Constellation that is just off the well-known hunter's knee. The cloud is swarming with several newborn starts that are dust-obscured and they are yet to be discovered perfectly.

NASA's powers up its 1st deep spacecraft Orion

A year ahead to its scheduled launch on an unmanned orbital test flight, NASA's Orion crew vehicle to fly in space was powered up for the first time at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) last week.

NASA gears up for MAVEN mission to probe Martian atmosphere

US space agency NASA is gearing up for a satellite mission to probe the Martian atmosphere on the Red Planet!

NASA Releases Spectacular Video of ‘Canyon of Fire’

NASA has released a video of the 300,000km ‘canyon of fire’ on the sun’s surface that was captured on September 29.

NASA News: Earth Flyby Hiccup Fails to Deter NASA’s Jupiter Probe

Seattle-NASA is moving in its own rhythm even after the rickety US government shutdown! The agency has agreed that systems are all in the saddle to probe on the mission to Jupiter.

US Government Shutdown Won’t Thwart NASA’s Maven Orbiter Journey to Mars

NASA’s Maven orbiter journey to Mars would stay immune to the US government shutdown. The launch of Maven orbiter would not be affected and the release would happen on November 16, as decided.

NASA News: Plastic component propylene Spotted on Saturn moon Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted propylene on the Saturn moon Titan. The space agency said that a chemical, which is used to prepare household plastic containers, has been found on the Saturn’s moon.

NASA Space News: Eyeing the Exoplanets through Kepler and Spitzer Telescopes

PASADENA, Calif. – The data provided by NASA's Kepler and Spitzer space telescopes has been used by the astronomers to create the first cloud map of a planet that resides beyond the solar system.