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Ancient 'Nutcracker Man' actually ate grass, not nuts- study

It has been assumed for many years that the ancient human relative known as 'Nutcracker Man' fed regularly on hard or tough foods, using his powerful jaws and big chompers to crack the toughest of shells. But a new study has come out, saying that our ancient human ancestors actually ate grass.

Tungurahua volcano hurls huge boulders; residents flee area

The authorities in Ecuador evacuated nearly 300 people after the 'Tungurahua' volcano erupted again Friday, emitting molten rocks and large clouds of ash dust.

Now a mathematical model to predict how tattoos age

Do you love getting inked? Well, a latest study reveals the appearance of your tattoo in years to come.

Scientists nearing breakthrough in erasing painful memories

Are ghosts of traumatic memories haunting you, and all you wish is a way out? Well, this could soon become a reality, as scientists claim that they are closer to a breakthrough that could wipe out painful memories from our brains.

Graphene: thin as paper, stronger than steel

Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney on Friday unveiled a super-material as thin as paper, but stronger than steel.

Last Supper was 24 hours earlier than thought--scientist

Did the 'Last Supper' take place on 'Maundy Thursday'? Though the Christians commemorate the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his twelve apostles in Jerusalem before crucifixion on this day, a scientist claims that Last Supper was actually on Wednesday.

World's oldest known gay caveman found in Czech Republic

Homosexuality might still not be legal in many nations, but the sexual orientation seems to date back to the Stone Age.

Northwestern University supports live sex demo in class

Did Northwestern University psychology professor push all boundaries when he agreed to organized a sex toy demonstration in class? While the students and administration have defended the after-class live-sex presentation, Prof. John Michael Bailey is facing the wrath of parents.

Mass. company making fuel from bacteria

At a time when scientists are looking for alternatives to non-renewable sources like diesel and petrol, a biotechnology company in Massachusetts is claiming that they have discovered a fuel source.

Ancient Brits used human skulls as cups

You might dread the idea, but the ancient Britons not only indulged in cannibalism but also drank from human skulls, a new research finds.