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Swede caught trying to build nuclear reactor in kitchen

People find chemistry fascinating, but how many science enthusiasts actually take it up as a hobby and try splitting atoms? A Swedish man not only went for it but also attempted to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen.

Ancient, lost world found under Atlantic Ocean

Ever thought if there were a lost world submerged in the oceans? Deep below, beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic Ocean, geologists have discovered what they claim is an ancient landscape.

Warming oceans could melt polar ice sheets faster than expected

The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are losing mass at much accelerating pace than realized, thanks to the warming oceans beneath the glaciers.

African gray parrots can reason like 5-year-old child

African gray parrots are proving to be smarter than originally thought. These birds can not only talk and imitate sound, but also give competition to a 5-year-old child as far as intellectual reasoning is concerned.

World's oceans on the brink of collapse

The condition of the world's seas is declining much faster than previously thought, thanks to human impacts such as over-fishing and climate change.

Sky watchers, get ready for three eclipses within one month

The next 30 days will be big days for sky watchers, as they will experience three eclipses: two partial solar eclipses and one total lunar eclipse.

NASA's arsenic life study stirs up controversy, criticism

The discovery of what a NASA scientist claims is an example of alien life has provoked an exciting controversy among scientists.

10 amazing new species discovered in 2010, IISE reports

The Earth and the amazing diversity of life it embraces, never fails to surprise us.

Earth still safe, Harold Camping in shock

While the failed May 21 doomsday prediction made many laugh, it has flabbergasted aging fundamentalist Christian preacher, Harold Camping, who had strongly predicted that the worst catastrophe would strike earth Saturday.

Is May 21 doomsday? World divided over global earthquake prediction

You might laugh at the thought of it, but according to aging fundamentalist Christian preacher, Harold Camping, May 21 marks the beginning of the end of world.