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Apple prepping to launch cheaper 8GB variant of iPhone 5C

8GB iphone 5c

The media circuit is rife with rumors that Apple Inc. will be announcing an 8-gigabyte version of its not-so-popular iPhone 5c smartphone as early as Tuesday.

Meet Wello iPhone case, a device that can measure your vitals!

Wello ECG device

Embedded within a phone cover, the health monitoring device, dubbed Wello, has hidden sensors that can track your six vital parameters- blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, electrocardiography (ECG), blood oxygen and lung function- within seconds.

This bio-battery consumes sugar to power your smartphone!

Scientists have discovered a bio battery

Scientists at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University say they have developed a new bio-battery that uses sugar as a fuel and can power your smartphone for 10 days after a single charge.

Apple’s ''''iOS-in-the-Car'''' to be unveiled next week

Apple will lauch its ''''iOS in car'''' soon

It is a case of iconic companies joining hands to roll out another marvel for the consumers. Come next week and the much awaited Apple ''''iOS-in-the-Car'''' solution will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Don’t despair a lost phone! Google’s location app will trace it!

This is great news, Google! The time for crying over a lost phone is passé, Android and tablet users, you can smile a while. Google has taken matters into its own hands and will soon be presenting a free device location and security service. By the end of this month the Mountain View’s mobile OS will be getting a pleasant surprise.

Forget text, new iPhone addon sends ''Smoke'' messages!

Communicate with iPhone Smoke Signals - says Dennis de Bel

Is it possible you could make a phone call from your iPhone when there is no phone signal? The answer is, Yes! A German hacker has made it possible for you.

Always forget your phone, wallet? Bringrr can solve your problems

We all have those irritating moments when we forget to bring our phone, wallet or other daily essentials. But worry no more! Remembering to take your iPhone, laptop and other daily items with you has become a lot easier, thanks to a new gadget!

This iPhone-sized device can hack your car remotely!

Auto manufacturers have always boasted that their cars, trucks could not and would not be hacked, but Spanish Hackers said otherwise.

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite eReader out in India, starts at Rs. 10,999

Back in January, Amazon had announced that it will start shipping the next-generation of Kindle Paperwhite e-book readers on February 4, and as promised the online retailer has started offering the devices via the company's website,

Fin, a thumb ring that controls your smartphone, smart TV

Are you passionate about wearable gadgets and technology? Have you been looking for a device that enables you to control things with simple swipes and taps? Well, it is now possible in the realm of tech gadgets!