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Twitter does not require internet anymore!

Online microblogging service, Twitter, could soon be accessible on your mobile phone even if you do not have an active data plan. To make this possible, Twitter Inc. is reportedly planning a tie-up with a Singaporean company, U2opia.

Indian Defence Ministry to launch “Netra” for internet surveillance

Indian Government would soon launch defence ministry's internet spy system, called the “Netra,” which that the ministry says has the ability to detect a number of words such as ‘attack, bomb, blast or kill’ within few seconds of time. This spy system can detect such words from various sources such as tweets, emails, blogs, forums, emails, internet calls, status updates, instant messaging etc.

Computer infection via the Internet high in India- Cyber security lab

While the worldwide countries are becoming more secure when it comes to internet security, India’s computer infection rate is climbing, said the latest security bulletin for Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Labs.

Facebook, Twitter passwords stolen: Here are tips to protect your account

In the latest spate of online data breaches, more than 2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web services have been stolen and circulated online. This massive online data theft has prompted both the social media companies and security experts to take actions.

Facebook gears up to grab Snapchat!

Facebook is sure going places, folks! Is there a hint of desperation in Facebook’s latest action? To get you acquainted further let us inform you of the latest whopping bid made by Facebook. Facebook made a whopping cash bid for Snapchat .

Facebook bids iconic much loved ‘Thumbs up’ goodbye

Once again Facebook revamps one of its age-old features, this time it’s the “Thumbs up” logo! Our eyes commonly search for the blue white thumbs up “like logo” whenever we want to appreciate something on Facebook, but now it’s time to wish this iconic much loved “Thumbs up” sign a good bye and watch out for the new redesigned logo!

No more ‘link’ clicks to check videos! Twitter changes its ‘Feed’ tune

Twitter ready to rival Facebook, is that so? Twitter has also decided to get revolutionary and will be showcasing videos and photos along with its 140 character messages. Is this the latest Twitter offering as the company is all ready for “stock selling” to the public?

Yahoo smugly surges ahead, share crosses $ 30

It’s time for Yahoo to beam a big smile for its investors! The Sunnyvale, California, company marches ahead with the stock crossing a significant milestone. The Yahoo stock has exceeded $ 30, first time and maybe now can save itself from the “takeover-aspiring” Microsoft.

IPO decision makes Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook smile

It’s time for Facebook put up a big grin today, after all the stocks of the social network is looking up constantly. Initial reports said that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, was against making the company go public last year. But the rising stocks of the internet’s famous social network changed his mind!

No award for Facebook software bug? Hacker gets lucky elsewhere

This is actually unfair, right folks? The hacker who hacked right into Zuckerberg’s profile page on Facebook was disappointed by Facebook recently! The company refused to reward him for reporting the software bug and he got lucky elsewhere.