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$1.2mn iPad comes clad in 300 carat diamonds

Have enough cash to splurge but don't know what to waste it on? Well, if you are a tech enthusiast and love gadgets, Apple's diamond clad iPad from Camael Diamonds can be one option.

Jobs hopes new spaceship campus is world's 'best office building'

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the plans for a new larger campus for his company at a meeting of the City Council of Cupertino held Tuesday night. Apple has already bought the required land for expansion from Hewlett-Packard Co.

Jobs unveils iCloud at the Worldwide Developers Conference

In what appears will be yet another blockbuster service from the repertoire for Apple Inc, the iCloud, a new online storage service, was unveiled at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco Monday.

Chinese boy trades kidney for iPad 2

How far can you go to get the thing you desire? Definitely not to the ultimate extreme of selling your body part. But that's exactly what a Chinese teen did.

Disney's Space Mountain ride reopens day after a woman found unconscious

The Space Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World has reopened, a day after a woman was found unconscious on the ride.

Virtual dressing room lets shoppers try clothes without undressing

Love shopping, but hate getting dressed and undressed to try on clothes? Well, this may soon become thing of the past, thanks to virtual dressing room powered by Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor.

RIM recalls 1000 PlayBook tablets ‎with faulty OS

Research In Motion Ltd.’s new BlackBerry PlayBook seems to have encountered another obstacle. According to reports, RIM has recalled about 1000 of its Playbook tablets which were shipped with a flawed operating system.

Ford to use Google's 'Prediction' to make smarter cars

Google is all set to create smart cars. In partnership with Ford, the Californian search and tech giant is venturing into auto market by creating cars that they claim will be smart enough to know where you’re going, and will choose the shortest, quickest and traffic-free route to get you there.

Facebook in privacy breach; massive user data leaked

Millions of Facebook users' personal data have been leaked to advertisers and other third-party internet companies, security experts at Symantec Corp. have warned.