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Youtube will now feature on Nintendo Wii, finally!

The YouTube app remained absent for long from the Nintendo Wii list of apps and features.

Now Microsoft 'Surface(d)' in court by a California lawyer

Allegations have been made against the company for providing lesser storage space than advertised in the recently launched tablet Surface.

Ever wondered of playing musical instruments over the net? Google did!

Google has created an app for Chrome that allows creating real time music out of playing virtual instruments

Apps update: Facebook changes for iOS

Apps update: Facebook changes for iOS

Facebook has implemented additions to some of its features for the iOS platform

Pinterest is now amongst the most visited websites

Pinterest finishes 50th in the analysis done by Comscore, a premier web analytic company!

Now a mobile app to order and pay for food in a sports stadium!

A football stadium at Melbourne aims at reducing chaos and provide on seat service of food and drinks.

Sony leads the feast! Adds innovative features to PlayStation store

Sony collaborates video games and films from the same franchise on the store.

Mega gaming season on cards as impending release of Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops II approaches

With the release of widely anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo 4 a month away, the collective income for both from preorder sales has already crossed a staggering $200 million!

All obsessed with Android tablets? Wait Windows RT is here

Unlike Apple, Microsoft will launch its Tablet Operating System with other brands also. This shall pose a direct challenge to the existing players; Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Google gearing up for Google Play gift cards, wishlists

Google is getting ready to bring two of the most missed features to its Play Store soon. These features are Play Store gift cards and support for wish lists. An ideal for the upcoming holiday shopping season, friends and family will soon be able to gift each other electronically to be used on new Android smartphones or tablets like the Nexus 7.