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Woman's Twitter pics of Endeavour launch become Web sensation

An iPhone user’s plane ride from New York to Florida brought her instant fame! Stefanie Gordon, who aboard a passenger flight to Palm Beach Monday morning, caused an internet storm recently after snapping photos and a short video of space shuttle Endeavour as it burst through the clouds near her plane.

Apple proposes smaller micro-SIM card to make thinner devices

The micro-SIM cards that Apple currently uses in iPhone 4 and both generations of the iPad may become small in size.

Fresh evidence: cell phones are killing honeybees

Some 5 years ago beekeepers around the world reported sudden and mysterious disappearance of honey bee colonies. Now a Swiss research suggests that cellphone transmissions could be partly to blame for the phenomenon that has mystified scientists for years.

Beijing iPad feud: Apple compensates injured customer

US high-tech giant Apple Inc. has settled its Beijing iPad brawl out of the court by paying hefty money to a customer who had sustained injuries during a bloody altercation that broke out over the weekend between a foreign Apple employee and the customers lined up to buy the iPad 2 at Beijing's flagship Apple retail store.

'Mango' update on Windows Phone to offer unique audio, voice features

Upcoming Windows Phone version 7.5, most popularly known as Windows Phone's ‘Mango’ update, will be equipped with some fresh features such as Bing Audio, Bing Vision, the capacity to dictate texts, and audio routing, reveals a new podcast posted on May 8.

AT&T unveils Samsung Infuse 4G, hitting markets May 15

AT&T has announced its fastest HSPA+ smartphone, Samsung Infuse 4G. The slim Android beauty will adorn the company-owned stores in less than a week and can be yours at a modest price of $199.

Power Talk: mobile phones could soon be charged by voice

Mobile phone battery dead and unable to find a charger? Well, this will soon became a thing of the past as researchers have devised a way to charge phones simply with sound.

Apple's Phil Schiller: white iPhone 4 isn't thicker than original

After much delay, Apple’s long-awaited white iPhone 4 finally went on sale worldwide last week. Soon after its launch, reports emerged with claims that the white version of Apple's iPhone 4 is thicker than the black version. But Apple executive Phil Schiller denies those claims, insisting the white iPhone 4 is the same size as its predecessor.