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Cell Phones

Google unveils faster search tools, without typing!

Now users can Google search on computers simply using their voice, without typing a word!

Two iPhone 4s will soon blast off into space

After revolutionizing the mobile device market by launching an incredible internet mobile phone, iPhone, Apple is all set to make its way into deep space. Next month, the iPhone smartphone will blast off into space, when Atlantis takes off on its final mission.

Wal-Mart slashes iPhone 4 price to $147

Though Apple is not expected to introduce a new iPhone this month, Wal-Mart has lowered the price on Apple's iPhone 4 in its select stores across the country for a limited time.

Find out if your mobile phone is emitting harmful radiation

As concerns grow in the United States about cell phones and cancer risk, many mobile users are eager to know how much radiation their handsets emit.

Samsung insists on seeing the next-gen iPhone

If the battle for a bigger pie of the smartphone market is getting ferocious, there is another battle, equally fierce, raging in the court of law between two smartphone manufacturers.

iPhone 4 to hit Indian store shelves on May 27

After an year-long wait, Apple's iPhone 4 smartphone will finally be available in India on Friday. India’s two top telecom operators Bharti airtel and Aircel announced Wednesday that they will be launching much-awaited iPhone 4 smartphone in India on Friday, May 27th.

iPhone 5 to sport curved glass touchscreen?

According to the Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, the fifth generation iPhone will feature a curved glass display with touchscreen.

Confirmed: Windows 8 coming in 2012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed Monday that the next version of his company’s operating system will be available in 2012, according to multiple online published media reports.