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Less Tax, More Growth

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) just released its economic competitiveness ranking of the 50 mainland states for 2007. If you've been following this Fool around the map, looking for localized investment opportunities, I don't think the results will surprise you very much.

Expecting a Tax Refund? Expect to Wait

You've probably gotten used to stories of government bureaucracy and inefficiency. But now, waffling among lawmakers will hit everyone where it hurts: in the wallet.

4 Ways to Cut Your Taxes Now

After a tough weekend of shopping, your wallet's probably feeling the pinch. So now would be a good time to give your credit cards a break and focus on putting more money into the income column of your budget.

Cut Your Taxes Without Selling Low

As we start winding our way toward the holidays, investors eager to cut their income taxes start looking at their portfolios for stocks that have lost them money. Selling your losers lets you lock in a capital loss that you can use on your taxes to offset gains on other stocks, as well as some other forms of income. Here are just a few big stocks that have lost money this year.

Get Your Withholding Right

Tax procrastinators will make their last stand next week. The final extended deadline for filing your 2006 tax returns is Oct. 15. What surprises me most about these tax slackers is that many of them will get big tax refunds in the coming months -- money they could have gotten a lot sooner with a little effort.

The Too-Good Tax Tip

While death and taxes affect us all, the only really sure thing in life is that people will do whatever they can for a tax break. With all the money that's at stake, it's no surprise that people and b

Get Ready for Higher Taxes

Watch out, investors. The campaign trail is taking aim at your wallet.

Aspiring Presidential candidates have begun releasing their tax plans. As you would expect, both parties support tax policy that appeals to their traditional constituencies. Republican candidates want to see the tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 made permanent. Several Democrats, on the other hand, are looking for ways to increase taxes, especially on high-income taxpayers.

Tips To Beat the Tax Man

By John Rosevear (TMF Marlowe)

If you're like me, you tend to think of your taxable brokerage account and your retirement accounts as two separate portfolios. If your taxable account is mostly shorter-term savings -- an emergency fund, or money you're setting aside for a down payment on a beach house in a few years -- that makes some sense, especially if you're more than five or six years away from retirement.